Serious Integrated: Captain’s Log


Is 2019 Going to be Different?

Last podcast of 2018! The question to really think about is do you want 2019 to be different that 2018?  Did you release enough products, new features, or did you get bogged down in sustaining engineering?  


Is 2019 Your Year of Innovation?

The three pillars of innovation that drove the consumer electronics revolution - Communications, Control, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) - are going to drive the next revolution in industrial, medical, and commercial "embedded" devices.  What's your plan?


Is Mesh Networking the Killer Embedded App?

After the interview with Pär Håkansson of Nordic Semiconductor on mesh networking, Terry bounces the usage models off a lot of customers.. and wow.. is mesh networking the new killer embedded app?


Bluetooth5 and Thread - Interview with Pär Håkansson of Nordic Semiconductor

All about Bluetooth 5 and Thread for the embedded engineer! Terry interviews Pär Håkansson, Product Marketing Manager at Nordic Semiconductor to find out all about this new technology Serious is incorporating in the upcoming SCM318 Comms/Control Module.


What’s in Your Software?

Channeling our inner Samuel L Jackson -- but really, do you know what is in your code? Automatic code generators, downloaders, and builders are making the world a whole lot more complicated.


The Audacious but Rational Onboarding Package Trend

It seems pretty audacious: the company wants to sell you their technology/product, and then they ask for an up-front contract as well to "help" you get started. Shouldn't that be free? Is there documentation so non-existent I can't do it myself? Or maybe there's something different going on and it's not so audacious an idea after all, but eminently rational.

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Staying Focused on your Key Users Experience

A Ted Talk about an engineer who revolutionized the way we look at subway maps hits us between the eyes as we nearly forget an obvious feature on a new product.


Linux - When “Free” is Not Free

Terry reviews a white paper from Mentor demonstrating why Linux may be the most expensive free OS there is.


Feeling More Constrained

Industry constraints are continuing to get worse -- now what?


Is the Supply Chain still a Chain?

Is a supply chain still a "chain" if it only has a few links left? There are highly disruptive forces in the world that are rapidly and radically changing the way companies build and sell products.

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